1. Disability Insurance

Not being able to pay the bills because of disability is one of the greatest risks we face. What would you do if you could not work anymore?

What is disability cover?

Disability cover pays out if you cannot work because of an injury or illness. You can use the payout to replace your lost income.

Why you need it:

Disability cover can ensure the following:

  • You have an income if you are booked off work for longer than seven days (business owners).
  • You have an income once your sick leave runs out (employees).
  • You cover the shortfall of any group scheme benefit you may have through your employer.

2. Life Insurance

We don’t only insure your life, we celebrate it

Myriad is Momentum’s market-leading life insurance product, providing life cover to hundreds of thousands of South Africans. Like any life insurance company in South Africa, Myriad life insurance policies cover you against the risk of dying, becoming disabled or critically ill. We also pride ourselves in our comprehensive and objective claims criteria.

But Myriad does something that no other life insurer does. We also cover you if you stay alive. No one wants to be a burden on his or her family if he or she runs out of money. With Myriad’s unique longevity protection benefits, we provide you with ongoing funds at various longevity milestones.

  • For instance, if you survive a moderate to severe critical illness. Our payouts will continue for the rest of your life
  • Or when you retire. You could get as much as 30% to 45% of your life insurance premiums back to boost your retirement savings.
  • And at age 80, if you didn’t claim under our disability or critical illness benefit, we pay out a lump sum that could provide you with an additional income for up to another decade.

3. Wills

If you have dependents or assets, such as a house, money in the bank, savings or investments, creating a will is important. It specifies what must happen to those assets after your death.

A will is your instruction to your executor as to how to distribute your assets to your loved ones.

It is one of the most important legal documents that you will conclude in your lifetime, as it deals with your entire estate – all of your assets and liabilities.

4. Investment Management

A world of customised investing awaits

We understand that your investment needs are unique. And that they will change as your life circumstances change. Whether you are looking for growth, income or capital preservation, Momentum Wealth will meet your investment needs in a comprehensive, innovative and trusted manner.

We provide access to customised local and international investment and retirement solutions for our different clients: individuals, companies, close corporations and trusts. This includes various types of funds, across a diverse product range that extends well beyond that of a unit trust provider.

5. Retirement Planning

When you invest your money through a retirement annuity fund in South Africa, you can expose your savings to growth assets like shares. These assets are essential to produce inflation-beating investment returns.

By giving your money time to grow you benefit from the power of compound growth to ensure you’re more financially secure in your golden years.

Retirement annuities also enjoy significant tax concessions from the South African government, helping you to get more from your investment.

6. Medical Aid

Health and wellness go hand in hand. No matter how much wealth you have, it’s difficult to enjoy quality of life if you are not in good health. So by taking care of your health, you are not only benefiting your own well-being, but also supporting your financial wellness.

Momentum Health medical aid helps you to safeguard and even improve your health, while also preserving and growing your wealth. From offering free preventative screenings to savings on contributions and a strong claims paying ability, this philosophy underpins the growing popularity of Momentum Health.

7. Short Term Insurance

We provide cover for your car, buildings, business, contents, all-risk, bicycle and water crafts.

8. Pension and Provident fund for Businesses

FundsAtWork offers solutions that enable income continuation for various life circumstances and events. These could be disability such as dread disease, an individual going on retirement or death which could leave one not being able to provide for their dependants’ financial needs.

We understand the importance of financial advice and education. We stand for advice and service excellence, everything we do is in partnership with the financial adviser, together we support our clients’ ability to meet their income continuation needs. We provide financial advisers with the best products to take care of their clients.

All our product solutions are built on the philosophy of transparency, flexibility, value for money and ease of use.

FundsAtWork is a product provider within Momentum Employee Benefits, a department within MMI Group Limited.