Heinrich Rehder

Heinrich Rehder

Heinrich completed his NQF5 qualification in PC Engineering, and started out in the IT industry in 2007 as a field technician but quickly realised that he needs human connection. In 2008 he opened a business and took on the role of Financial and Marketing Manager of Phomola Day Spa, where human interaction was the key to being successful.

In 2014, Heinrich expanded on business opportunities by going into partnership with his father and brother, and opened a car wash and dent repair franchise. While in this industry Heinrich realised that retail is not his passion, as he had no time for his family. And that was the key to him joining the Momentum Irene team in February 2020.

Heinrich understand the importance of looking after his family, and he wants to assist you to do the same for yours.

Heinrich’s goal is to become a CFA Charterholder along with the CFP designation.

He is also currently involved in another business venture, which he started in 2018 specialising in signage.